CORPORATEWhat is Corporate Photography?

Corporatephotography is a modern form of showcasing the offices, their infrastructure, employees and its accessories that beautify its presence. It is a technique of bringing out the any corporate world upcoming elements and progress. It is the representation of subjects like procedures, meeting rooms, head offices, employees working, their headshots etc. in an accurate& cinematographic method. It signifies the composition of inside environment with the help of shadows, lights and lines.

Evolution of Corporate Photography

The history of corporate photography has always been there. Showcasing workplace, working ethics through imagery has always been a spot on.

As time passed, Corporate Photography emerged as a visual medium to project the beauty of workplace as high value. The purpose of capturing the beauty was either for commercial purpose or as a cultural significance.

As there are improvement in designs exterior as well as interior& not to forget employees association with industry, need for evolution of corporate photography was necessary. Hence nowadays we see this field as art to produce high quality imagery that gives pleasant aesthetic to our eyes.

Why corporate photography demands different approaches?

Corporate photography is all about showcasing interiors, exteriors, work culture of a place in a professional and pleasant way so that it can persuade following further clients or prospective students to feel how it would be if its owned or rented or be there. Its not only about a tripod and camera. Photographing a workplace whether its interior or exterior needs hands on experience and complete knowledge of controlled perspective fully based on vertical lines (parallel).Most important aspect of this kind of photography is to understand the emotion of employees or student in order to connect the dots for people coming to study or work at that place. This piece of knowledge is nearly impossible to achieve by reading books or watching an online tutorial. The make of every place, each single room is different from previous. One photographing a project should be well aware of perspectives. There might be an interesting vantage point if sufficient time is spent at the place that has to be photographed.

Apart from that gears and their complete knowledge are equally important. For example you cannot shoot with a zoom lens if you are shooting a small kitchen. Knowledge of depth of field is another thing to keep in mind while shooting. Client would love to see each cubicles and wall to be in focus rather having an image with shallow depth of field. And most important criteria is lighting condition. No one loves to look at an image if its underexposed or not interesting. A full knowledge of lighting conditions, ability to overcome underexposed places with proper lighting equipment can create a visually interesting and stunning photograph.

Checklist before shoot

A corporate photography session is a balance between client and photographer. Still when it comes to location shoot we expect clients to follow following points in order to have a great and smooth shoot day.

-Location: Discuss with concerned photographer about location, necessary permissions to shoot and anything that is important that photographer should be aware of. Also shoot may require to alter placements of furniture, accessories etc , hence make sure if its ok to do with photographer.

-Phone Numbers: Make sure you have the phone number of shoot coordinator or photographer in case there is any last minute change.

-Light conversation: Keep conversation light and healthy and try to avoid any kind of topic that can hurt anyone on set. In short, try to be neutral and natural.

-No disruption: On set everyone is assigned particular job matched to their skills. Any disruption can only cause delay in shoot.

-Be professional: You will be working with industry professionals.

Why Us?

As conveyed, Corporatephotography is a modern form of all about showcasing interiors, exteriors, work culture of a place in a professional and pleasant way. It is a technique to bring out the society’s upcoming elements and progress. To shoot the heart of a specific place, one must be aware of its history and present relevance as well. We, as professionals, look forward to capture the perfect shots of a place to showcase the beauty and art behind the workplace and its key features like, windows, bricks, shadows, roughness, etc. First and foremost, we focus on the buildings’ key features so as to make the audience give a perfect view of its designsand creative turn abouts.

The exact techniques are used when shoots are done indoors keeping in mind the needs for lighting changes and angle constraints. We give the maximum thoughts towards creativity with which the furniture and fittings look elegant in a proper manner. Creativity is our edge over others who only consider lines and converges to capture outdoors and indoors. We look beyond the technical aspects and bring in the creative charisma in the photographs.