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In the season of marriages and festivities, I got lucky to capture the endless emotions of humans at one place with perfect timings giving away all the fun and happiness around.

Chapter 1: Engagement
The date of 14th Jan 2016 was marked with the engagement of Yogesh and Shailja and I was invited to cover the auspiciousness of the day by my old friend and client, Shubda, sister of the bride. The venue for the engaging ceremony of the couple was awe- strucking to eyes.

DSC09355 DSC09366 DSC09383

It was the groom and his family witnessing the grace of the edifice at the very first in the evening. On reaching the venue and settling down of both the families rituals began and so did the gift exchange from one member of groom to another of the bride and from the bride’s to the groom’s members.

DSC09544 DSC09540


All the captivating rites from one to another led to the much awaited event of the evening, ring ceremony. Shailja, with her tender heart and feel, placed the ring in Yogesh’s ring finger and Yogesh returned the favour with even more excitation.

DSC09723 DSC09728 DSC09867



It was all a matter of time when the formalities ended and the relatives were all drunk in love of the couple and their relations binding together.


What’s the best way for Indians to treat their happy hearts? Dance! From the kids to daddies and from moms to the mothers-in-law, everyone was on the floor spreading the felicity from one corner to another in the whole wide space of each other’s hearts.

DSC00005 DSC09977 DSC09950

DSC09643 DSC09640 DSC09638

Everyone placing the best of them in camera and swooning in the merriment of the occasion ended the night for the beginning of a new chapter.

DSC09621 DSC09610 DSC09592


DSC09536 DSC09499


DSC09420 DSC09411




Chapter 2: Wedding

After a long wait, the event was upon the heavens on 16th Jan 2016. For me and I guess for everybody invited, the venue was an add-on to the bright aura of the event lashing the glint and glitter.

DSC00664 [Group 1]-DSC00037_DSC00045-9 images

With guests entering on one side of the story, another was the bride busy in looking her best for the occasion that would be embraced in her memories forever. Red lips as the cherry and kajal as dark as the night worth falling in love with, she was full of colours signifying every emotion running wild in her heart thinking about the next episode of her love story.

DSC00072-Edit DSC00073-Edit DSC00139-Edit

DSC00084-Edit DSC00100-Edit DSC00098

DSC00077-Edit DSC00078-Edit DSC00089

DSC00074 DSC00094-Edit DSC00138-Edit

DSC00127-Edit-2 DSC00133 DSC00130-Edit


As I mentioned the bride, groom wasn’t far behind. Groom and his family, all flooded with euphoria, entered the premises dancing and swinging with joy.

DSC00207-Edit DSC00210 DSC00172-Edit

Groom who was already on cloud nine was high on friends’ shoulders and their love. In-laws were ready at the entrance to pinch the nose of groom and shower their blessings altogether.

DSC00209 DSC00164

Both families met and hugged and officially began a journey where they will now be one.


DSC00306 DSC00304 DSC00296

Before anything could take place, let’s end the dancing with some finishing. Everyone’s mad dancing skills were up to display and the kids weren’t far behind the grown-ups. Oh! The joy and glee was nothing to be described in words.

DSC00364 DSC00412 DSC00421

DSC00406 DSC09610 DSC00611

But, well every good thing has to end to let the better one begin. The bride entered, drizzling her delicacy all over the guests’ eyes.

DSC00436 DSC00442

Yogesh, with no delay, held her hand and bent forward to have the garland around his neck from his radiant to-be-wife and put on another garland on her the next moment.

DSC00448 DSC00459-Edit DSC00467

DSC00461 DSC00452

Now with one step closer to the togetherness, they cradled in love and had their first dance as man and wife.

DSC00563 DSC00568 DSC00571

DSC00575 DSC00585 DSC00589

DSC00628 DSC00537 DSC00533

DSC00495 DSC00506 DSC00515

DSC00525 DSC00702 DSC00703


Now that everyone was getting clicked and captured to remember the day and preserve its moments, it was time for the bride and the groom to be bound in a knot. In all the chaos of variant emotions, it was the moment of serenity where everyone had blessings in their hearts for the opportune future of each other and a love filled life ahead.

DSC00796 DSC00900


DSC00973 DSC00770

DSC00714 DSC00983 DSC00984


And with that tranquility and heart felt emotions, the night ended for a brighter tomorrow.







Photographer: Mayankesh Ranjan
Content writer & editor: Priti Dubey

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