What is Wedding Photography?

Wedding photography is a reflection of affection among unique personas, relations and tied knots. These reflections of perfect moments that occur once in a person’s lifetime and mean more than the world must be captured in the most sophisticated manner that makes them cherish those unforgettable highlights for their entire life. It is a complete coverage of all the happenings of events and activities on the spot keeping the emotions and fun being captured perfectly in the camera.

Why Us?

A wedding is not about spending fortune, neither does it remain in your hearts of how much it cost you. It’s a day of revival, day of starting a whole new life and getting along with your loved ones. Let this grand get together of friends and two different families who are going to be one be framed perfectly in your eyes with our crafty minds. For us, the last image of day is as important as the first one. Candid & traditional photography is just a word for us,hence we want you to feel value of each single picture taken beyond what you pay for. It is not a mere payment but a long term investment of your most important day of lifetime. In short “We Capture Emotions”. We don’t waste time checking watches and letting amazing moments happening behind slip.

Make the best of your day by not compromising on future. Our aim remains “May you look at every photograph after decades and remember exact moment and expression whilst it was captured.” We bring out your emotions the best and help you keep them alive for it’s not every day you live such auspicious day.